One tour per person

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Pickup from downtown Toronto / Toronto Airport

8:30 AM daily departure
6:30 PM daily return

If you have sensitive ears or are planning to be close to the base of the Falls for a while, consider bringing earplugs – 90 decibels is loud!
  WEAR Comfortable clothing, dress for weather conditions. Bring change of clothes.
Niagara Falls Cruise (seasonal) Toronto pickup & drop off
Experienced tour hosts Bypass all queues
Luxury transportation View Niagara Falls from Table Rock
Floral Clock Award-winning winery tasting
Whirlpool Rapids Niagara-on-the-Lake free time
World’s Smallest Chapel Award-winning Executive service
(added during Checkout)
   Penthouse buffet lunch    Skylon Tower ascent
   Journey Behind the Falls    Next day return to Toronto
   Helicopter flight    Outside Toronto pickup & drop off
  Adults CA$149   Seniors 60+ CA$139
  Children 3-11 CA$119   Children under 3 FREE

Doing Niagara Falls PROPERLY – a “Stunning Niagara” Day Tour

There is a LOT of mist in the air when the boat is close to the Falls. Unless your camera is waterproof, you should make sure it is safely wrapped up.

Congrats on planning an Executive-class tour from Toronto to Niagara Falls!

Nobody forgets the first time they encounter Niagara Falls. Because the Falls are REALLY, REALLY BIG.

If you’ve seen the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest or the Aurora Borealis, then you know that sense of being magnificently dwarfed by nature. Even in this short Niagara Falls video, you can feel the awe of the people on the Hornblower cruise boat:


I love a great sommelier. When I go to a quality restaurant, I look forward to being entertained, educated and even enthralled by a wine expert who is in love with their trade. I love hearing about the history of the wine, where it came from, the makers, the grape types and even the weather conditions as the grapes grew. I like being advised by an expert what to look for in the aroma and taste so that I can appreciate a fine wine in the way that it deserves.

A top sommelier can transform a $10 bottle of wine into a $100 experience. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

Once I was in Amsterdam with a friend and we went to dinner at a Michelin rated restaurant.  The sommelier came out and he really knew a lot about wine. But wow, he was boring! He droned on and on and wouldn’t even look us in the eye while he was droning. The wine was meant to be great, but the way he shared it with us almost ruined it. The only thing I now remember about that wine is how badly it was presented.

Bring plastic bags you can seal. Put your camera in one when you are near the Falls mist. Put your wet clothes in one. Put your wet poncho in one.

There are plenty of ways to see Niagara Falls. You could drive there yourself, fly there, catch a bus or even take a different tour. But, like a fine wine, Niagara Falls is most enjoyed, valued and appreciated when it is PROPERLY understood and experienced.

And it is our delight to take the role of “sommelier” and bring you on a day-long pilgrimage – our “Executive Day Tour” – so that you can FULLY enjoy and appreciate Niagara Falls, as the Falls deserve.

We will open up the history, the stories, the sights and experiences of Niagara Falls and the area that it calls home. Niagara Falls is not an isolated geographical anomaly; it is part of an entire region. Like a fine wine, understanding, experiencing and enjoying the context allows you to understand, experience and enjoy the Falls fully.

Niagara Falls is like a $10,000 bottle of “life-experience wine”. We won’t slop it into a disposable plastic cup for you; Niagara Falls MUST be done PROPERLY.

The tour is designed as an Executive-Class, Niagara Falls 5-senses experience; Feel, Hear, Taste, Smell and See.

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As you board the Hornblower Niagara Falls cruise boat you are given a free plastic poncho. And that is for a very good reason.

You are going to get WET.

Every second, 85,000 cubic feet (2,400 m3) of water pours over the edge and falls 188 feet (57 m). The sheer magnitude of this drop generates an incredible amount of spray and the Hornblower takes you in. Right in. So close that it’s scary (but safe).

The Hornblower Cruise is included in the tour and is open from April to October (more info here).

That poncho isn’t going to keep you completely dry! Wear clothes that will dry quickly or bring a change of clothes.

The huge volume of falling water is constantly shaking the surrounding earth. You will actually FEEL the thundering vibrations on the Journey Behind the Falls (optional tour addon).

An elevator takes you 150 feet (45m) down through the bedrock, then you walk through 130-year-old tunnels (which some describe as “slightly creepy”), bringing you to the Great Falls Portal and the Cataract Portal. You can then stand on the Upper and Lower Observation Decks at the base of the Falls and soak in the view (pun intended).

It’s rarely studied in depth, but it is important in a day-long tour; the FEEL of your tired backside on a comfortable, luxury seat in our executive transportation. Enough said.


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As the water pours over the Falls, it doesn’t do it quietly. It roars. It’s about 90 decibels loud, which is about as loud as standing next to a petrol lawnmower.

For people who don’t like loud things, well……too bad. We will do whatever we can to look after you on tour, but there’s not much we can do about that.

Thankfully our guides are not as loud as Niagara Falls or lawnmowers, but you will be entertained, educated and even enthralled; like being served by a world-class sommelier.

While to-the-point, we really liked this review:

“Our guide did just the right amount of commentary. He gave good info where it was needed and stopped when it wasn’t – unlike so many other tours where they never shut up.”

Your Fellow Travellers have also described the guides:

“easy style”, “gave very valuable advice”, “quirky”, “genuinely interested in us”, “deep knowledge”, “care and friendship made the day special”, “clear and concise”, “lively and entertaining”, “accommodating”, “friendly but not in your face”.

As we make stops at each sightseeing destination, you will be fascinated as your guide shares their local knowledge. From the workings of the Niagara River hydroelectric power stations to the history of the largest Floral Clock in the World. From the stories of the Battle of Niagara to facts about the World’s Smallest Chapel. From the geography of the Whirlpool Rapids and even to negotiating a discounted helicopter ride for you!



If you stick out your tongue while cruising into the mist on the Hornblower, you will taste the Falls, but if you are looking for something tastier than water vapour, read on.

We visit almost all of the regional attractions, but every tour varies depending on weather, traffic etc. You can help our guides design the perfect day by letting them know any attractions you especially want to see. And don’t worry, we never miss the Falls!

While not quite as famous as the Falls, the Niagara region’s Icewine is a worldwide leader. The cold winter combined with warmer days provides the perfect climate for the wine harvest. The result is a sweet, refreshing and bold dessert wine. You can decide that for yourself though, as we stop at a winery for a free tasting (which is a fascinating visit in its own right).

Hooray! It’s lunch at the Fallsview Restaurant! You will be pretty hungry by lunchtime and eating here is a bit of a treat. The restaurant is on the Penthouse level of the Sheraton Hotel and looks directly over the Niagara Falls. Very relaxing.

This is how Fallsview describes their lunch:

“The buffet features specially prepared culinary delights that combine the freshest of ingredients in a display of taste and talent. Each made to tempt your palette as you take in the view. A relaxing ambiance enhanced by inviting aromas, and attentive staff, the Fallsview Buffet is ideal for a family get together, meeting a business client, or simply enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

This is how we describe their lunch:

“Really, really good.”

On a practical note, all dietary needs are catered for as the buffet gives you lots of choice and the Fallsview buffet is an optional tour addon.

Ice-cream. Yup, believe it or not, there is actually pretty good ice-cream at Niagara Falls. You can get a gelato burger, stracciatella, or something simpler like soft serve or frozen yoghurt. Just ask our trusty guides and they will direct your taste buds to the best purveyors of fine ice-cream.

And of course, coffee.

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Occasionally the return trip can have heavier traffic. Bring your notepad and take advantage of the onboard wi-fi to pass the time.

As we bring you nearer to the Falls, you will smell the smell which we can only call “wet”. We’ve tried, but we can’t think of another word to describe it – it really is “wet”.

But then, as you get closer, you will notice more distinct aromas of nature; earthy, growing types of smells, with moss and water mixed in.

Breathe deep – it does the soul good.



Apart from all the other senses, Niagara Falls is visually stunning. As a side-note, this is why we are called “Stunning Niagara”!

We want you to get to know the Falls as intimately as possible during the day, so we take you to a number of different and unique vantage points. These are also incredible photo and selfie opportunities, so feel free to ask our guide to take a pic for you.

The Hornblower Cruise gives you a sense of the enormity of all the Falls. Like an ant approaching a human, you are at water-level, looking up to see the Falls flexing their vast muscles. But not only do you see huge amounts of water cascading over the edge, but at the same time, the mist and sunshine generate beautiful, seemingly-random rainbows.

Table Rock is part of the tour. taking you to the edge of the Horseshoe Falls where you can watch the water flowing over the edge of the Falls and get a close-up “aerial” view of the river below.

Keep the plastic poncho in case the weather turns.

Available as an optional tour addon, Skylon Tower allows you to be a bird for a while. The Tower is 520 feet (160m) above street level and 775 feet (236m) from the bottom of the Falls. The ascent to the viewing platform is made in a “Yellow Bug” elevator, which only takes a minute (52 seconds to be precise) to carry passengers to the top of the tower on the exterior of the Tower.

At the Whirlpool Rapids, weather permitting, you will have the opportunity to take a short helicopter ride over Niagara Falls. It is an extra cost, but you will never forget the experience, soaring over the river and the Falls, with AMAZING photo opportunities. Payment is made on the day, directly to the helicopter company (you will receive a friends-of-friends discount – they are friends of ours and you will be our friend by then).

The optional tour addon Journey Behind the Falls gives yet another encounter with the Falls. The observation deck at the bottom is very much an up close and personal (and wet) meeting with a BIG WATERFALL. There are also viewing portals, which are cut straight through the rock and give a view you won’t get from anywhere else. I won’t spoil the surprise of what you will see!


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Because a pilgrimage to Niagara Falls is lifetime event, we want you to feel secure in knowing what goes into making it unforgettable. So we do our best to make the good stuff “gooder” and the bad stuff less bad.

We pick you up and we drop you off afterwards. Either from your hotel in Downtown Toronto, Toronto Airport or from our agreed meeting places. For more info, click here (opens in new tab).

You skip the queues to the Hornblower Cruise. This is a biggie as sometimes queues can literally be hours long. Please try not to look too smug as you pass the lines. Well, actually, feel free to look as smug as you want – it serves them right for not journeying with us!

Use hand dryers in the bathrooms to dry your hair if needed. Bring a hairbrush!

You are even more special. We don’t like big tour groups, so our groups range from 10-24 people (sometimes smaller). Think of it this way; if you’re on a tour of 50 people you are 1/50th special. We think you’re more special than that.

You get the best local advice from our guides. Want the best ice-cream? Our guides know that. Need to know where to buy an umbrella and fast? Our guides know that. Want to avoid the worst coffee? Our guides definitely know that.

Local travel knowledge. Tourists travelling on their own don’t know the best routes, don’t know which attractions are suitable for which weather, won’t get great car parks, don’t know how to avoid the traffic and so much more. All you have to do is relax and you get the best. And perhaps practice the royal hand-wave as we pass those plebs.

Local photo opportunity knowledge. Our guides know where the BEST photo opportunities are. They know the region like the back of their hands and will help you get photos that actually deserve to be printed.



You will need a poncho in the Journey Behind the Falls. A free poncho is provided if you don’t have one, which you get to keep.

Whichever way you dice it, the trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls is a bit of a drive. But, our guides are great at keeping everyone interested and engaged and you can rest easy knowing they don’t speed or break the road rules. The bus is clean, neat, and comfortable and there is wi-fi available. We have refined the trip over many years and we take you on the best route, according to the conditions of each day.

No surprises. A day tour with us is an outlay of your hard-earned money and we respect that. We tell you up front what the costs are when you book and then give you options on the tour. If you’ve read this far then you already know what they are. We don’t like hidden extras, so we don’t do that to you.

That’s it! Congrats on making it to the end. We do hope you don’t go somewhere else and settle for a $100 bottle experience. We would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to open the $10,000 Niagara Falls “bottle of life experience” for you.

So please, go ahead and book your tour now by clicking here:

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Tour Reviews

4.87 based on 15 reviews
February 28, 2018

We were very well looked after by Fabio. He knew so much about the things we saw and he was lovely because he stopped at different places so we could take some photos. We had a small group of about 8 people and he stopped at some extra places for us which was so lovely. Niagara Falls is magnificent and overwhelming! Our day was so wonderful!

February 27, 2018

The weather was unusually cold so the morning was shifted to after lunch. We were picked up right on time from the hotel and then went to Niagara. We saw all the most important sights with Fabio our guide giving us heaps of interesting info. Fabio really looked after us and was very attentive about keeping us out of the cold and gave us all the local secrets of Niagara Falls and Niagara town and the other stops. Definitely recommend.

February 26, 2018

Very good tour and saw so much! I felt it went a little quickly and we were back a bit earlier than we thought. Unfortunately we couldn’t eat at the restaurant we wanted to, but it was amazing to see Niagara Falls in winter time.

February 21, 2018

We just returned from a outstanding tour to Niagara Falls. During the tour it snowed which gave the whole tour a magical feel. Fabio our guide knew just about everything and was incredibly helpful and we even got into a snowball fight with him!! Thanks so much for a great day Fabio.

February 16, 2018

My friends and I did the Niagara Falls trip and went beneath the falls and also on the cruise. Later on we had lunch at a hotel and then to a winery for wine tasting and then to Niagara on the lake.
The best part was Niagara Falls and also Niagara on the lake and the winery was good too.
We were very comfortable in our transport and everything went smoothly and was organised well. We like the tour guide and he did a great job.

February 15, 2018

It was so good how we got to go to all the best places of Niagara! Niagara had so much more in it than I thought – Winery, scenery, falls. I really liked how Fabio our guide did his best to help us get incredible photos of all the landmarks. He is very easy to get along with and very helpful.

February 13, 2018

We going to Germany and had to stop in Toronto and we thought why not spend the time that we had in the best way we could? We went on a trip to Niagara Falls and had Fabio who was the best guide and afterwards we even got some time to see downtown Toronto thanks to Fabio being so organised. Thanks so much!

February 10, 2018

While travelling in Canada I decided to visit Niagara Falls. The guide was super friendly and gave us lots of interesting facts and stories about the Falls and other stops. Thanks.

February 9, 2018

The tour guide definitely knew what he was talking about. I was so upset because I lost my mobile, but he was so kind and patient and helped me find it again.

January 17, 2018

Our guide gave us such a wonderful tour. He was very interesting and helpful in every way which made the day so great. Definitely recommend this tour.

January 13, 2018

The guide picked us up in a nice minibus and were given water and a very informative trip. He told us about all the stops and sights on the way and we learned so much. I learned more about Canada in that trip than I have in my whole time in Canada! Fun, cheerful, interesting, relaxing. I recommend this to everyone!

January 10, 2018

Picked up as informed at 8am. The guide is full of information of history and places. Very excellent tour.

January 6, 2018

The tour was excellent. We enjoyed ourselves so much and our guide was very entertaining. Don’t think twice – we had an amazing time.

January 5, 2018

I had a very enjoyable day trip to Niagara Falls. The group was small which meant we didn’t have to wait for people all the time. Our guide was fantastic. Thanks!

January 4, 2018

What a day! Loved it all. The boat to Niagara Falls was incredible and the best bit of the tour. The whole trip was so interesting with our guide telling us all about the area and the places we stopped. He looked after us very well, even helping a guest with a problem with her food. It was a great day!

December 27, 2017

I went on an awesome full day trip which included:

A winery near Niagara on the Lake
Seeing Niagara Falls from its top
A group lunch
The boat cruise which was unbelievable and we get really wet but didn’t care
Some memorials en route
Time to walk around Niagara on the Lake

Our guide knew heaps and was really friendly – he had bottles of water for us and even helped us charge our phones! Long day but absolutely worthwhile.

December 22, 2017

Brilliant day. Our guide was really interesting and heaps of fun and he made the day great. Definitely recommended.

December 22, 2017

Our tour was excellent. We had the buffet lunch which was OK and the view while eating is spectacular.

December 17, 2017

A great tour overall. I found most of the stops very interesting, but it would have been better to spend more time in Niagara by the Lake. We could have skipped some of the stops like the clock and then we would have had more time for the village. Our guide was great, telling us all about the area without boring us! Had a fantastic time.

December 17, 2017

Thank you so much for the upgrade to the evening tour!

December 8, 2017

We had such a lovely time but we felt a bit rushed towards the end of the day. Probably would have been better to leave Niagara Falls 30 minutes earlier. Our guide was very friendly.

December 8, 2017

All of us loved this tour. It was packed with beautiful attractions, sightseeing and lots of interesting facts and tales of Canada. It was so good to skip the line at the cruise thanks to our awesome guide!

December 5, 2017

Our guide was very good and it was a good trip. Better than we thought.

December 1, 2017

Lovely trip and the bus was spotless. Our driver treated us extremely well and I saw everything I wanted to. I loved the trip.

December 1, 2017

We have been in Toronto and went to Niagara Falls on the day tour and I highly enjoyed. The tour guide service was polite and so funny and friendly. Thank you for for tour.

November 28, 2017

Fabio was our guide and he was very impressive in how much he knew. I can highly recommend this tour.

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